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OpenSuse 10.3

Installatie verslag OpenSuse 10.3


OpenSuse 10.3

Taal: English US Klok en tijdzone: Hardware Clock set to local time - Europa - Netherlands Partitietabel:

/dev/sda1                   /        7.2 GB   EXT3, Fstab options: No Access Time

Software Selectie

  • Base System en Enhanced Base System
  • Novell AppArmor
  • C/C++ Development tools en kernel source
  • Gnome Desktop Environment
  • X Window System
  • Office & multimedia
  • Java
  • Desktop effects
  • rdesktop


IP-adres: Subnet Mask: Gateway: DNS server:

Root ww: beheer Hostname: opensuse.shift.local

Firewall Disabled Remote Administration Enabled Proxy enabled Geregistreerd Updates geïnstalleerd Local Authentication Extra Account: sjoerdh: beheer

Aanpassingen Na Installatie

VMware tools geïnstalleerd Shrink Defragment Snapshot

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