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 += Outlook Line Breaks =
 +I receive a lot of mail which is plain text, coming from unix and linux servers who are trying to tell me something. The bad luck is, the company has settled for outlook :( . And outlook breaks these emails. I do get an information bar telling me: "Extra line breaks in this message were removed"​ but I have to click and click again and it's just not working how I like it. This so-called feature is called "Auto Remove Line Breaks"​ and is enabled by default in Outlook. To disable it follow these steps:
 +* Open Outlook.
 +* On the Tools menu, click Options.
 +* On the Preferences tab, click the E-mail Options button.
 +* Click to clear the "​Remove extra line breaks in plain text messages"​ check box: \\
 +{{outlooklinebreaks.jpg}} \\
 +* Click OK two times.
 += Resources =
 +{{tag>​email tools}}
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