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 = Commands And OneLiners= = Commands And OneLiners=
 +== Get All WMI Classes ==
 +Get all wmi classes on all Windows Servers in your network and filter for Citrix Licensing class:
 +<code powershell>​
 +Get-ADComputer -filter {(operatingSystem -like "​*windows*Server*"​)} | select -ExpandProperty name | foreach {Get-WmiObject -namespace "​root"​ -Class "​__Namespace"​ -ComputerName $_ } | where {$ -eq "​CitrixLicensing"​} | select name,​pscomputername | FT
 +== Get All LogicalDisks through WMI ==
 +IN case you need to know what drive letters are assigned throughout your network:
 +Get-ADComputer -filter {(operatingSystem -like "​*windows*Server*"​)} | select -ExpandProperty name | foreach {Get-WmiObject Win32_logicalDisk -ComputerName $_ -Filter "​Drivetype='​3'"​} | select deviceid,​drivetype | FT
 == VM with CPU Reservation == == VM with CPU Reservation ==
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