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 += Question 157 =  
 +This page is part of Q, the IT exam trainer. \\ See https://​​q for more info \\ \\ **Question:​** \\ Your network contains a server named Server1 that runs Windows Server 2012. Server1 is located on the same subnet as all of the client computers. A network technician reports that he receives a “Request timed out” error message when he attempts to use the ping utility to connect to Server1 from his client computer. The network technician confirms that he can access resources on Server1 from his client computer. 
 +You need to configure Windows Firewall with Advanced Security on Server1 to allow the ping utility to connect. 
 +Which rule should you enable? ​ \\ **Description:​** \\ Note that Ping uses the ICMP protocol. ​ \\ \\ **Correct Answer:** \\ File and Printer Sharing (Echo Request – ICMPv4-In) \\ {{tag>​qq}} \\ 
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