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 += Question 179 =  
 +This page is part of Q, the IT exam trainer. \\ See https://​​q for more info \\ \\ **Question:​** \\ What is the SR-IOV Number of virtual functions? \\ **Description:​** \\ SR-IOV supports up to 43 virtual functions on supported Intel NICs and up to 
 +64 virtual functions on supported Emulex NICs. The actual number of virtual 
 +functions available for passthrough depends on the number of interrupts vectors 
 +required by each of them and on the hardware configuration of the host. Each 
 +ESXi host has a limited number of interrupt vectors. When the host boots, devices 
 +on the host such as storage controllers,​ physical network adapters, and USB 
 +controllers consume a subset of the total number of vectors. Depending upon the 
 +number of vectors these devices consume, the maximum number of potentially 
 +supported VFs could be reduced. ​ \\ \\ **Correct Answer:** \\ 1024 \\ {{tag>​qq}} \\ 
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