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 += Question 352 =  
 +This page is part of Q, the IT exam trainer. \\ See https://​​q for more info \\ \\ **Question:​** \\ An administrator is changing the settings on a vSphere Distributed Switch (vDS). During this process, the ESXi Management IP address is set to an address which can no longer communicate with the vCenter Server. \\ 
 +What statement is true about this situation? \\ \\ **Description:​** \\ See <​html><​a href="​http://​​vsphere-60/​topic/​com.vmware.vsphere.networking.doc/​GUID-88B9F893-9739-47DF-9F1B-BAF139E554D6.html"​ target="​_blank">​here</​a></​html>​ for more information. \\ \\ **Correct Answer:** \\ The host will automatically detect the communication issue and revert the change. \\ {{tag>​qq}} \\ 
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