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 += Question 47 =  
 +This page is part of Q, the IT exam trainer. \\ See https://​​q for more info \\ \\ **Question:​** \\ Server1 and Server2 are part of a workgroup.On both servers you create a local user account named Admin1 and add it to the local Administrators group with the same password. You log on to Server1 as Admin1. You open Computer Management and you connect to Server2. When you attempt to create a scheduled task or view the event logs you receive Access Denied messages. You need to ensure that you can administer Server2 remotely from Server1 by using Computer Management. What should you do on Server2? \\ **Description:​** \\ See <​html><​a href=" ​ https://​​en-us/​kb/​951016"​ target="​_blank">​here</​a></​html>​ for a Microsoft Support article with more information on how to disable UAC remote restrictions. ​ \\ \\ **Correct Answer:** \\ From Registry Editor, configure the LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy registry value. ​ \\ {{tag>​qq}} \\ 
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