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 += Question 719 =  
 +This page is part of Q, the IT exam trainer. \\ See https://​​q for more info \\ \\ **Question:​** \\ Tailspin Toys deploys Skype for Business Enterprise Voice. 
 +Tailspin Toys executives must be able to call each other directly at any time irrespective of their presence status. 
 +You need to configure the Enterprise Voice solution. \\ 
 +What should you do? 
 + \\ \\ **Description:​** \\ See <​html><​a href="​https://​​seanearp/​2011/​09/​06/​leave-me-alone-using-lync-to-not-communicate/"​ target="​_blank">​here</​a></​html>​ for more information. \\ \\ **Correct Answer:** \\ Set the value of the privacy relationship setting for each executive team contact to the value Workgroup \\ {{tag>​qq}} \\ 
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