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WIKI Disclaimer: As with most other things on the Internet, the content on this wiki is not supported. It was contributed by me and is published “as is”. It has worked for me, and might work for you.
Also note that any view or statement expressed anywhere on this site are strictly mine and not the opinions or views of my employer.

Terms And Conditions for Q users

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Q is an online exam trainer created by Sjoerd Hooft from the Netherlands. It was created after feeling frustrated by not being able to find a way to practice IT exams. It is fast, ad-free, and fun to use. It's free to use for the first two weeks so go here to create an account.


Exam Usability

The content on getshifting wiki and Q are meant to share knowledge. So yes, as knowledge is a vital part of passing your exams you can use this to practice for your exams. However, there is no guarantee (also see Q Terms And Conditions) on the content usability for exams. Exams are subject to change, questions are weird and hard to understand, and you should know the, for example, Microsoft way to do things. So, no guarantee, but it will help you (a lot).

Report Stuff

If you think there is something wrong with a question or an answer report it in the comments section of the specific question. These can be found by clicking on the correct link when taking the question or you can search for it using the search box in the right upper corner in the wiki. Posting comments requires you to log in to the wiki using your Q credentials.

Get Promoted

After you successfully complete a lesson you get eXperience Points (XP). As you start as a n00b, the more points you earn, the higher your level gets, all the way up to a true wizard.

Bonus Points

Whenever you complete a test without mistakes you receive a bonus point. These can be used for bonus material. In the future, more ways to use your bonus points will be added.


This is the roadmap for Q:

Phase Description Price Date Status
Beta This is a proof of concept phase. I have a working site, or at least I think. I will invite my network to try it out and let me know if stuff needs to be changed, is not secure enough yet, etc, etc. Everybody is free to join. There are just two exams. I'm focusing on Microsoft's 70-410 and VMware's VCP6-DC exams. The second one is just released so it will take some effort to create questions for that. Completely free 1 May 2015 Done
Release 1 Stability and security release. Solving bugs, adding SSL certificate, adding payment options, adding mobile support. Increase number of lessons for current exams and add more exams, including a bonus exam. Also added a basic option for users to add questions in exchange for free access. Added Exams: Prince2, ITIL, Skype (70-333 and 70-334)2,50 Euro per year. First two weeks are free. 1 August 2016 Almost done
Release 2 Add more exams and functionality. 2,75 Euro per year. First two weeks are free. 1 January 2017 -
Release 3 Add more exams and functionality. 3,00 Euro per year. First two weeks are free. 1 July 2017 -
Note: As some features require a large user community to be successful they will depend on the success of Q.

Native Apps

Whether native apps will be published or not is depending on the number of paying users. As soon as there are enough users there will also be native apps. For which OS will be decided through a voting board.


Right now I only accept payments through paypal. It is easy and safe to use, so if you do not have an account please create one. After the first two weeks you won't be able to do exams until after you've paid 2,50 Euro which gives you access for a year.


As I live in the Netherlands the payment is in Euros. Paypal should set the transaction to Euros and update the amount from your local currency.

Price Increases

As you can see above, I expect prices to increase. You can do as many payments on the current price level as you want for more years. An extra year will be added to your current access.

Free Access

If you don't want to pay for Q you can submit questions to gain extra free access. Every approved question gets you 5 more days.

How many days left do I have in my account?

Please click on the “Buy” link in the main menu. It will show you how many days you have left.

Discount for Businesses

If you want to get access for your employees (good idea!) you can get 20% discount. Please contact me through the support form (also available for non-registered users).


If you need support performing a payment with paypal, first contact paypal. If they can't help you contact me through the support form: support form (also available for non-registered users).


Role of the Wiki

The wiki hosts the interactive part of Q. Every question in Q has it's own wiki page so users can ask questions about them or post comments with extra explanations, useful blog posts etc.

How can I use the Wiki / Logon

You can logon to the wiki using your Q credentials. After logging in you can post comments.


Can I help?

Can you help? Yes, everyone can help by reviewing the questions and their answers. If something is wrong please report it using the comments section so it can be changed. It will be appreciated by everyone. Posting comments requires you to log in to the wiki using your Q credentials.

Can I Contribute?

It is possible to contribute by submitting questions. Just click on the link in the main page after logging in. If the question is approved you receive 5 more days of full access. It will also be really appreciated by everyone who is using Q. Posting comments requires you to log in to the wiki using your Q credentials.


Q is not a braindump and it is also not meant like that. Braindumps are less interactive, no quality control from the users, and their websites have a tendency with spyware, popups, aggressive ads etc. So no, if you're looking for plain old braindumps try,,, or But note that I wasn't kidding with the warning.


Q cannot be sponsored right now. And personally I would not want to be bothered or distracted by ads when studying so it's not likely to change. The wiki part can, see Sponsor GetShifting.

Security And Advertisements

Q is created by myself, an unexperienced php programmer wannabe. I created the beta release in under a few months with no previous php and mysql knowledge. I do have a system administration background so I am security aware. Having said that, I did my best to secure Q, and asked security experts to run some checks. But I cannot guarantee that your data is completely safe.
I can guarantee however, that I do not run tracking stuff, viruses or what so ever. I also believe that you as a user are not helped by advertisements while you're practicing. They are distracting so I decided not to have ads, which is the reason that I ask a small fee if you want to keep using it.
The wiki is a different story. It is being maintained and developed by Please check their website for security considerations.


If you come across a bug or something I should know about please let me know. That includes (but not limited to) logic flaws, layout, security, content, abusive comments, etc.

Please use the support form (also available for non-registered users).

I Have Another Question

Please use the support form (also available for non-registered users).

You could leave a comment if you were logged in.
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