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 It works! It works!
 +== Create Syslog Report ==
 +Of course I want to receive a report from all these messages, all sorted out nicely, so I created [[scriptlogmessagesreport|this scheduled report]]. ​
 = KickStart Installation Server = = KickStart Installation Server =
Line 1131: Line 1135:
 groupadd --gid 55323 oper groupadd --gid 55323 oper
 # Oracle user # Oracle user
-useradd --uid 55321 --gid oinstall --groups dba,oper -p '​$1$xwPEp1$FN.6fopSG6/​FaDYcrdkMh/'​ ${ORACLEUSER}+useradd --uid 55321 --gid oinstall --groups dba,oper -p '​$1$xwPEp1$FN.6fopSG6/​FaDYcrdkMh/' ​-d /opt/oracle -m ${ORACLEUSER}
 # Set Shell Limits for oracle user # Set Shell Limits for oracle user
 echo "# Set Oracle user limits"​ > /​etc/​security/​limits.d/​99-oracle-limits.conf echo "# Set Oracle user limits"​ > /​etc/​security/​limits.d/​99-oracle-limits.conf
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