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 For history sake, these are the old Building This Site tutorials: For history sake, these are the old Building This Site tutorials:
-* [buildthissite]+[[buildthissite]
 +* [[upgradethissite]] 
 +* [[upgradethissite2]] 
 += Installation = 
 += Installation and Configuration = 
 +* Download 
 +** https://​​ 
 +** 2018-04-22b "​Greebo"​ 
 +* http://​​Install 
 +** Unpack the distribution tarball and upload/copy the files to the httpdocs folder 
 +** Open the install.php in your browser and follow the instructions 
 +*** Wiki name: SHIFT 
 +*** Initial ACL policy: Public, read for everyone, write and edit for registered users only 
 +*** Deleted the install.php 
 +* Configure webserver and dokuwiki 
 +** Use nice URLs through rewriting 
 +*** Enable in Configuration Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Use Nice URLs: .htaccess 
 +*** Modify htaccess.dist to htaccess and uncomment rewrite rules 
 +** Adjusted license to GNU Free Documentation License 
 +*** Create conf/​license.local.php and created license file 
 +* Creates the page sidebar 
 +** This enabled the sidebar
 {{tag>​wiki}} {{tag>​wiki}}
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