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Scrum Basics - Roles and Events

From the Scrum guide

Events Sprint Sprint Planning Daily Scrum Sprint Review Sprint Retrospective Backlog Refinement1
Timebox Max 1 month 8 hours 15 minutes 4 hours 3 hours 10% of sprint
Product Owner Present: Mandatory
- Explain top of Product Backlog
- Define a sprint goal with the dev team
- answers questions of the dev team
Present: Allowed in the room
- No active role during the daily scrum
Present: Mandatory
- Chairman
- Clarify questions from stakeholders
- Invites stakeholders
Present: Mandatory
- Participate as scrum team member
Present: Mandatory
- Prepare backlog
- Answers questions from the team
Development Team Present: Mandatory
- Select a set of PBI's to meet sprint goal
- Define a sprint goal with PO
- Create a plan to realize sprint goal
Present: Mandatory
Synchronize & replan the sprint backlog
- Three questions (yesterday, today, impediments)
Present: Mandatory
- Participate
- Clarify questions from stakeholders
- Prepare the meeting with the PO
Present: Mandatory
- Participate
Present: Mandatory
- Ask questions
- Provide estimates
Scrum Master Present: Mandatory
- Facilitates Event
- Coach the team and PO
Present: Optional
- Observer
- Coach the team
Present: Mandatory
- Ensure the right interactions take place
Present: Mandatory
- Participate
- Facilitate the event
Present: Optional
- Help by facilitating
- Coach the team and PO
Stakeholders2 Present: On invitation
- Clarify deeper intent of PBIs
Not Present Present: Mandatory
- Provide feedback
- Ask questions
Not Present Present: On Invitation
- Clarify deeper intent of PBIs
Artifacts 3 - Increment
- Product Backlog
- Sprint Backlog
Create the Sprint Backlog Inspect the Sprint Backlog Inspect the Increment
Adapt the Product Backlog
Create Backlog Item for self Improvement Adapt Product Backlog Items

1. Not an official scrum event but an activity
2. Not an official scrum role
3. Definition of Done is not an official artifact

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