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 += SLES 10 SP2
 +Installatie verslag Suse Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP2
 +install=http://<​ip-adres of hostname>/​install/​sles10sp2/​CD1 noapic nolapic nosmp clock=pit vnc=1 vncpassword=12345678
 += Installatie
 +Taal: English US
 +Klok en tijdzone: Hardware Clock set to local time - Europa - Amsterdam
 +Partitietabel: ​   /​dev/​sda1 ​                  / ​       7 GB   EXT3, Fstab options: No Access Time
 += Software Selectie
 +* Base Technologies:​
 +** Server Base System
 +** Novell AppArmor
 +** C/C++ Development tools
 +* Graphical Environments
 +** Gnome Desktop Environment for Server
 +** X Window System
 += Configuratie
 +Root ww: beheer
 +Hostname: sles10sp2.shift.local
 +Subnet Mask:
 +DNS server:
 +Firewall Disabled
 +Remote Administration Enabled
 +Local Authentication
 +Extra Account: sjoerdh: beheer
 += Aanpassingen na installatie
 +Snapshot gemaakt
 +{{tag>​install linux DUTCH}}
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