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This is my installation report for a default installation of Suse Linux Enterprise Server 11.

For the installation I used the installation server I have created a while ago. This gave me the following installation option:

install=http://<ip-adres of hostname>/install/sles11/CD1/ noapic nolapic nosmp clock=pit vnc=1 vncpassword=12345678

Installation setup

Language: English US Keyboard: English US Installation mode: New Install Time and Timezone: Hardware Clock not set to UTC - Region: Europe - TimeZone: Netherlands Server Base Scenario: Physical Machine (Also for fully Virtualized Guests)


/dev/sda1 swap 1 GB /dev/sda2 / ext3 7 GB - No Access Time

Software Selectie

  • Pattern:
    • Base System
    • Minimal System (Appliance) - could not be unselected
  • Graphical Environments
    • Gnome Desktop Environment for Server
    • X Window System
  • Development
    • C/C++ Compiler and Tools

Network Configuration

Root password: b-password Hostname: sles11.shift.local IP-address: Subnet Mask: Gateway: DNS server:
IPv6 Disabled Firewall Disabled Remote Administration Disabled Proxy:

Other Configuration

Novell Customer Center: Configure later Default CA config No OpenLDAP Local Authentication No extra accounts

Post Install

  • Set the runlevel to 3
  • Installed vmtools through rpm and ran the config-tools script
  • Ran updates
  • Shrank vmdisk
  • Defragmented vmdisk
  • Created a snapshot

Post Install Production:

  • Set the runlevel to 3
  • Installed vmtools through rpm and ran the config-tools script
  • NTP for Virtual SLES
  • DNS records added to DNS server
  • Syslog redirected to syslog server
  • Backup
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