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 += Slipstream SP3 Into XP =
 +== Introduction ==
 +This is a small tutorial on how to slipstream a support pack, i.e. SP3, into the installation source of Windows XP:
 +# Copy the content of a Windows XP cd to the directory C:​\WinXPSource
 +# Download and save Windows XP SP3 to your local c-drive as C:​\WinXPSP3.exe
 +# Open a command prompt and enter the following comand:
 +{{command.jpg}} \\
 +{{integrate.jpg}} \\
 +{{done.jpg}} \\
 +You're done. The directory C:​\WinXPSource now holds the installation source for Windows XP SP3
 +Note that you're free to use whatever names you like, as long as you keep it consistent.
 +Note also that the screenshots are for the Dutch edition.
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