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Line 216: Line 216:
 export PATH="/​usr/​local/​sbin:/​usr/​local/​bin:/​sbin:/​bin:/​usr/​sbin:/​usr/​bin:/​root/​bin:/​usr/​openwin/​bin"​ export PATH="/​usr/​local/​sbin:/​usr/​local/​bin:/​sbin:/​bin:/​usr/​sbin:/​usr/​bin:/​root/​bin:/​usr/​openwin/​bin"​
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 += Create A User =
 +useradd sjoerd \
 +  -c "​Sjoerd Hooft Local Account"​ \
 +  -d /​export/​home/​sjoerd \
 +  -m \
 +  -s /​usr/​bin/​bash
 +useradd -c "​Sjoerd Hooft Local Account"​ -d /​export/​home/​sjoerd -m -s /​usr/​bin/​bash sjoerd
 +> Note that the /home is reserved for system usage and that local users should get a homedir in /​export/​home
 = Locking and Unlocking a user = = Locking and Unlocking a user =
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