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Citrix Health Check

I used and modified the script originally from here.

Note that you need to run the script with elevated permissions (“run with highest privileges” when scheduled or run powershell as administrator when manually running the script).

→

2019/03/22 15:05 · sjoerd

Create Alert with PowerBI and Flow

See here for more information.

→

2019/03/22 14:53 · sjoerd

Hyper-V Health Report

There are several hyper-v report scripts available. Instead of creating an entirely new one an existing was picked and modified. The result is mailed to the ict mailbox. The original report is attached, and all the modifications are in the email body. You can check the bottom of the script to see what exactly is reported in the email.

→

2019/03/20 14:51 · sjoerd
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