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Getting Started With Visual Studio Code

I personally use Visual Studio Code for the following tasks, and this page explains how to set up VSCode for these tasks:

  • internal web portal using html\bootstrap\css\javascript and powershell into Team Foundation Server 2018
  • various powershell scripts into Team Foundation Server
  • various websites using html\bootstrap\css\javascript into Azure DevOps

→

2019/08/13 16:19 · sjoerd

TFS Maintenance Build

Note that this is done on TFS Server 2018

When using TFS for deploying an isolated test environment you might have the need to maintain that environment or get some monitoring working. We have the specific case that the environment is cloned from another environment so that means that names and ip addresses are also the same. So this article shows you how to create the infrastructure and the build definition to monitor such environment.

→

2019/07/26 16:43 · sjoerd

Use PowerShell with SharePoint Online Lists and Office DocProperties

The script below retrieves information from sharepoint online lists and puts that in prepared office files using docproperties.

→

2019/07/26 15:56 · sjoerd
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