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 += Syncback =
 +== Introduction ==
 +Syncback is a small and free windows utility I use to synchronize my data. Maintaining a synchronized backup with this tool isn't that hard, all it needs is a little discipline. In this tutorial I'll show you how to make an exact copy of your data somewhere else on the network. There is also a paid version of. Check it out on their  [[http://​​freeware/​freeware-hub.html|website]].
 +== New Profile ==
 +Follow these steps to create a new profile which will copy the entire directory (including empty sub directories):​
 +Create new profile and name it:
 +{{newprofile.jpg}} {{newprofilename.jpg}} \\
 +Change settings: \\
 +{{settings1.jpg}} \\
 +{{settings2.jpg}} \\
 +Run Simulation to check your settings: \\
 +{{simulatedrun.jpg}} \\
 +{{tag>​storage tools}}
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