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 += Tivoli Incremental Forever =
 +Tivoli Storage Manager has a few settings which determine how long files are kept in the incremental forever cycles. Below you'll find them:
 +== Versions Data Exists ==
 +The Versions Data Exists attribute specifies the maximum number of different backup versions retained for files and directories currently on your file system. If you select a management class that permits more than one backup version, the most recent version is called the active version. All other versions are called inactive versions. If the maximum number of versions permitted is five, and you run a backup that creates a sixth version, the oldest version is deleted from server storage.
 +== Versions Data Deleted ==
 +The Versions Data Deleted attribute specifies the maximum number of different backup versions retained for files and directories that you erased from your workstation. This parameter is ignored as long as the file or directory remains on your workstation.
 +If you erase the file or directory, the next time you run an incremental backup, the active backup version is changed to inactive and the oldest versions are erased that exceed the number specified by this parameter.
 +The expiration date for the remaining versions is based on the retain extra versions and retain only version parameters.
 +== Retain Extra Versions ==
 +The Retain Extra Versions attribute specifies how many days all but the most recent backup version is retained. The most recent version is the active version, and active versions are never erased. If Nolimit is specified, then extra versions are kept until the number of backup versions exceeds the versions data exists or versions data deleted parameter settings. In this case, the oldest extra version is deleted immediately.
 +== Retain Only Version ==
 +The Retain Only Version attribute specifies the number of days the last remaining inactive version of a file or directory is retained. If Nolimit is specified, the last version is retained indefinitely.
 +This parameter goes into effect during the next incremental backup after a file is deleted from the client system. Any subsequent updates to this parameter will not affect files that are already inactive. For example: If this parameter is set to 10 days when a file is inactivated during an incremental backup, the file will be deleted from the server in 10 days.
 +== Example ==
 +* Versions Data Exists = 4
 +*Versions Data Deleted = 1
 +* Retain Extra Versions = 30
 +* Retain Only Version= 60
 +Current files are always kept in the backup, and when changed, 4 versions are kept for a period of 30 days. When a file is deleted, only the last version is kept for a period of 60 days. 
 +{{tag>​backup}} ​
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