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 += Tivoli NDS Backup =
 +== Environment ==
 +Upgraded to eDirectory 8.8 sp2 ftf2 (ds version 20216.62)
 +Tivoli TSM client is
 +Everything was backing up fine prior to the upgrade. After the upgrade, when TSM tries to backup NDS, it errors out and asks for a username/​password.
 +Error: ~ANS1874E error
 +== Explanation ==
 +TSM is unable to deal with case-sensitive passwords. It stores all passwords in uppercase in the TSM.PWD file. When you have a UP policy on the TSM account that requires case-sensitive passwords, this can cause TSM to fail its authentication.
 +Assuming you have your UP policy keep the NDS password and UP password in sync on a user account, the authentication can succeed if the NDS password is checked first because the NDS password is also not case-sensitive. eDirectory 8.7 will use the NDS password if it exists on a user account and check the UP second. eDirectory 8.8 will prefer the UP over the NDS password which is why things started to fail after the upgrade and because I was requiring case-sensitive passwords.
 +== Workaround ==
 +A temporary fix is to create a special UP policy for your TSM accounts that doesn'​t require case-sensitivity. IBM is looking into the possibility of fixing the TSM client so that passwords are stored in a case-sensitive format but it's unsure when, if ever, that would be released.
 +Another temporary fix would be changing the password to only uppercase characters.
 +== Additional Info ==
 +Thinking the tsm.pwd file was corrupted, I deleted and proceeded to re-setup the tsm client.
 +Using DSMC, I found the following behavior:
 +* Using "q node" ​
 +** Successfully finds nodes schedule
 +* Using "q tsa"
 +** Asked for name/​password. ​
 +** Successfully logged in.
 +** Successfully saved password to tsm.pwd.
 +** Successfully shows TSAFS stats.
 +* Using "q tsa nds" ​
 +** Asks for name/​password. Will not accept the same credentials I entered in the previous step. Errors out with: "​~ANS1874E Login denied to ~NetWare Target Service Agent 'TREE name'​."​
 +* I've verified that the account can log in using a Novell Client.
 +* Verified that the account is a trustee of ROOT with browse rights.
 +{{tag>​backup edirectory}}
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