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 += UltraEdit Rollout =
 +== The Ultraedit Part ==
 +Ultraedit has it's own rollout mechanism. What we want is a silent installation,​ and that end users are not bugged with registration and update issues. We just want them to start working. To create a silent installation,​ you basically perform a manual installation,​ register the product, copy some files, make some registry changes and set them all up in a source installation directory:
 +# Perform your manual installation
 +# Start the installation and register your version
 +# Copy these files to the source installation directory:
 +## ueinstall.sss
 +## uedit32.reg
 +# Rename ueinstall.sss to the name of the installation file, for example uesetup.sss.
 +# Now go into the registry and export these settings, if they don't match add the missing values before you export:
 +Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
 +[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\IDM Computer Solutions\UltraEdit]
 +"Query User For Updates"​=dword:​00000001
 +"​Display Ad"​=dword:​00000001
 +[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\IDM Computer Solutions\UltraEdit\Locks]
 +Note that v13 is the last version of Ultraedit that supports these registry settings. Starting with version v14 these settings are in an .ini file.
 +The updates lock part is to prevent your end users for checking for updates. This setting will grey out the "Check for Updates"​ menu option.
 +== The ZENworks Part ==
 +Create a [[zenworksapplications|simple application]] pointing to the uesetup.exe file in the source installation directory. Make the following changes:
 +Parameters: \\
 +{{ultraedit-parameters.jpg}} \\ 
 +Registry import: \\
 +{{ultraedit-registry.jpg}} \\
 +You're done now, at least when you renamed the ueinstall.sss file correctly so the installation settings are copied automatically when using the /s parameter. Of course, to fancy things up you should make a nice icon for the installation in the NAL, make it show up in the correct folder and make sure only the licensed users receive the installation in their NAL.
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