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 += vCenter Scheduled Task =
 +How to schedule a task in vCenter to start a Virtual Machine:
 +* Logon to vCenter -> Tasks & Events -> Scheduled Tasks
 +* Click on the "​New"​ button
 +* In the "​Schedule Task" dialog select the "​Change the VM power state"
 +* In the "​Change a Virtual Machine'​s Power State" dialog:
 +** Select the virtual machine
 +** Select the required Power Operation (Power on) 
 +*** Note that it's possible to select a specific host to power on the virtual machine on.
 +** Give a task name and description and set the the frequency (once - later - 20:00 - today)
 +** Fill in the email addresses to notify after task completion
 += Scheduled Tasks Options =
 +These are the options available when scheduling a task:
 +* Change the VM power state
 +* Clone a virtual machine
 +* Deploy a virtual machine
 +* Migrate a virtual machine
 +* Create a virtual machine
 +* Create a snapshot of a virtual machine
 +* Add a host
 +* Change cluster power settings
 +* Change resource pool or VM resource settings
 +* Check compliance for a profile
 +* Scan for Updates
 +* Remediate
 += Tasks Policies =
 +The vCenter Server and ESX/ESXi hosts adhere to certain rules when managing tasks in the system. \\
 +vCenter Server and ESX/ESXi hosts use the following rules to process tasks:
 +* The user performing the task in the vSphere Client must have the correct permissions on the relevant objects. After a scheduled task is created, it will be performed even if the user no longer has permission to perform the task.
 +* When the operations required by manual tasks and scheduled tasks conflict, the activity due first is started first.
 +* When a virtual machine or host is in an incorrect state to perform any activity, manual or scheduled, vCenter Server or the ESX/ESXi host does not perform the task. A message is recorded in the log.
 +* When an object is removed from the vCenter Server or the ESX/ESXi host, all associated tasks are also removed.
 +* The vSphere Client and vCenter Server system use UTC time to determine the start time of a scheduled task. This ensures vSphere Client users in different time zones see the task scheduled to run at their local time.
 +* Events are logged in the event log at start and completion of a task. Any errors that occur during a task are also recorded in the event log.
 +> Note: Do not schedule multiple tasks to be performed at the same time on the same object. The results are unpredictable.
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