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 += Export Events and Tasks in VMware Infrastructure VC =
 +In VMware Infrastructure Virtual Center you can see the events and tasks that has happened recently. However, there is no way to go back further in time if you wish, at least, not right away. There is however a way to export the data you need. Follow these steps to retrieve all needed information.
 +== Open the export tool ==
 +Go to File -> Export -> Export events:
 +{{vmwareexportevents01.jpg}} ​
 +== Select your data ==
 +In case you want system events make this selection:
 +{{vmwareexportevents02.jpg}} ​
 +In case you want user tasks make this selection:
 +{{vmwareexportevents03.jpg}} ​
 +You'll receive a text file which can be opened in any text editor, MS Excel or [[openoffice|OpenOffice Calc]].
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