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 += VMware DataStore
 +This is a short how to on creating a data store in VMware ESX. It is a follow-up on [[netappstorage|this story]]. We're going to create a VMware store out of the created LUN. All of the steps are performed with the VMware infrastructure client. ​
 += Rescan the storage adapter
 +Inside the VMware infrastructure client go to the first host in the cluster you want to connect to the new LUN, go to configuration and then storage adapters. Click the "​rescan"​ button on the right: \\
 +{{vmwarestore-sarescan.jpg}} \\
 +You'll receive a new window. Although you haven'​t yet created a new volume there'​s no problem leaving the checkmark checked on "Scan for New VMFS Volumes"​. It might save you a few seconds when you uncheck it: \\
 +{{vmwarestore-sarescan1.jpg}} \\
 +After the new LUN is discovered it's added to the correct SCSI Targets: \\
 +{{vmwarestore-sarescan2.jpg}} \\
 += Create the store
 +Because there is new storage available you now want to create a VMFS volume out of it, so in the client, still in configuration go to storage. Click the "Add Storage"​ button on the right: \\
 +{{vmwarestore-storageadd.jpg}} \\
 +This will startup a wizard to create the new store: \\
 +{{vmwarestore-storageaddwizard1.jpg}} \\
 +{{vmwarestore-storageaddwizard2.jpg}} \\
 +{{vmwarestore-storageaddwizard3.jpg}} \\
 +{{vmwarestore-storageaddwizard4.jpg}} \\
 +Make up a name. A descriptive one would be nice, but it's up to you. \\
 +{{vmwarestore-storageaddwizard5.jpg}} \\
 +{{vmwarestore-storageaddwizard6.jpg}} \\
 += Add the store to the other hosts
 +Now you've created a store you'll have to make sure every host in your VMware cluster can access it. This is the same procedure you did for the first host. Go into configuration,​ storage adapter and click "​Rescan",​ and repeat that for every host. Note that you might have to do that a few times per host before the new volume could get discovered.
 +{{tag>​storage vmware}}
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