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 += VMware Storage vMotion (ESX 3.5) =
 +To manually move a VM to different storage use the tool SVMotion, which is a VMware Infrastructure (VI) client plug-in that extends the client'​s functionality by providing an integrated, graphical tool that can be used to invoke storage vMotion (SVMotion) operations.
 += SVMotion Resources = 
 += Installation =
 +Just double click to start the installation and logically follow the prompts. There'​s nothing exotic what so ever about the install. ​
 += Usage =
 +After the installation,​ restart the vSphere Client and go the Virtual Machine you want to Migrate. Follow these steps to migrate the VM:
 +* Right-Click the VM and click on '​Migrate...'​
 +* Select the '​Change datastore'​ and click 'Next >'
 +* Select the '​Destination Resource Pool', which can remain the same. Click 'Next >'
 +* Select the '​Destination Datastore',​ and click 'Next >'
 +* Select 'Same format as source'​ for the 'Disk Format',​ and click 'Next >'
 +* Click '​Finish'​ to start the migration.
 +{{tag>​vmware storage}}
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