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 += VMWare VLAN =
 +This is a small howto on adding a VLAN to your VMWare ESX environment. In this example we add VLAN 20:
 +VLANs are added through the host, so in your VirtualCenter select a host, click on the tab '​Configuration',​ and from the Hardware part select '​Networking':​
 +{{vmwarevlan01.jpg}} ​
 + ​\\ ​
 +To add a VLAN you first have to go into the properties of the Virtual Switch, so click on '​Properties',​ which will give you this window:
 +{{vmwarevlan02.jpg}} ​
 + ​\\ ​
 +After clicking '​Add'​ you'll get this Wizard. Select '​Virtual Machine'​ as connection type and click next:
 +{{vmwarevlan03.jpg}} ​
 + ​\\ ​
 +Give the new network a logical name, for example: 'VLAN 20' and add the VLAN ID:
 +{{vmwarevlan04.jpg}} ​
 + ​\\ ​
 +When you're done with the wizard you have to do this for every host in your environment:​
 +{{vmwarevlan05.jpg}} ​
 +{{tag>​vmware network}}
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