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 += Notes, Tips & Tricks: Windows Server 2008 =
 +This is a notes page, extended with tips & tricks. This page is not really documentation,​ just stuff for me to remember. Sometimes things will get removed from these pages and turned into real documentation,​ sometimes not. You might find these notes to come in hand, maybe not. For me, it's just things I don't want to forget.
 += Telnet Client =
 +Windows Server 2008 comes by default without a telnet client which is a no go in my opinion.
 +I used these steps to add the telnet client to Windows Server 2008 active features:
 +# Open Server Manager by clicking Start -> '​Server Manager'​
 +# Click on '​features'​ from the left panel in Server Manager ​
 +# Click on 'Add Features'​
 +# From the available list of features select '​Telnet Client'​ and click '​Next'​
 +# Click on '​Install'​
 +# Click '​Close'​
 +Now telnet client works!
 += Uptime =
 +Although you can check the uptime in the task manager now a days, I still prefer a simple command. Download the uptime utility from [[http://​​kb/​232243|Microsoft]] and place it in the C:​\Windows\System32 directory and you can issue the uptime command.
 += Syslog =
 +I want the event viewer to forward all event viewer events to syslog, and that's done by downloading this [[http://​​p/​eventlog-to-syslog/​downloads/​list|utility]],​ placing it in C:​\Windows\System32 and install it as a service:
 +C:​\Users\administrator>​cd c:​\windows\system32
 +c:​\Windows\System32>​evtsys -i -h
 +Checking ignore file...
 +May  7 16:41:06 Error opening file: evtsys.cfg: The system cannot find the file
 +May  7 16:41:06 Creating file with filename: evtsys.cfg
 +Command completed successfully
 +Now, go into your services panel by issuing
 +and start the service:
 +{{win2008notes01.jpg}} \\
 +Now you're done!
 +{{tag>​notes windows syslog}}
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