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 += Notes, Tips & Tricks: Windows 7 =
 +This is a notes page, extended with tips & tricks. This page is not really documentation,​ just stuff for me to remember. Sometimes things will get removed from these pages and turned into real documentation,​ sometimes not. You might find these notes to come in hand, maybe not. For me, it's just things I don't want to forget.
 +== Ultimate Windows Tweaker ==
 +This is a bit like the classic Tweak UI. It's compact and it's free for the full functionality.
 +[[http://​​ultimate-windows-tweaker-v2-a-tweak-ui-for-windows-7-vista#​more-1957|Download]] \\
 +== God Mode ==
 +Create a folder on your desktop with this name:
 +"God Mode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}"​
 +Then the icon of the folder will change and it will give you all options from the config panel all in one window. ​
 +{{tag>​notes windows}}
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