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 += ZENworks Configuration Management 10 =
 +This is the installation review of ZENworks Configuration Management 10 SP3, the primary server component. The installation has been performed on a Suse Linux Enterprise Server installed according this [[sles10sp3|report]]. \\
 +[[http://​​documentation/​zcm10/​zcm10_installation/?​page=/​documentation/​zcm10/​zcm10_installation/​data/​bookinfo.html|Installation Guide]] \\
 += Installation =
 +To start the installation mount the CDrom and start the install script:
 +zenbox:~ # mount /dev/cdrom /mnt
 +mount: block device /dev/hdc is write-protected,​ mounting read-only
 +zenbox:~ # cd /mnt/
 +zenbox:/mnt # ls
 +Common ​  ​Upgrade ​     readme.html ​    ​readme_es.html ​ readme_it.html ​ readme_pt.html ​    ​readme_zh_TW.html ​
 +Install ​ autorun.inf ​ readme_de.html ​ readme_fr.html ​ readme_ja.html ​ readme_zh_CN.html ​ setup.exe
 +zenbox:/mnt # ./
 +Preparing to install...
 +Extracting the JRE from the installer archive...
 +Unpacking the JRE...
 +Extracting the installation resources from the installer archive...
 +Configuring the installer for this system'​s environment...
 +Launching installer...
 +Listening for transport dt_socket at address: 5005
 +FINE: Log Level set to: FINER
 +When the wizard starts, just follow the signs:
 +{{zen10-01.jpg}} \\
 +Accept the license agreement:
 +{{zen10-02.jpg}} \\
 +Create a new management zone:
 +{{zen10-03.jpg}} \\
 +{{zen10-04.jpg}} \\
 +We want the database in an MS SQL server:
 +{{zen10-05.jpg}} \\
 +{{zen10-06.jpg}} \\
 +{{zen10-07.jpg}} \\
 +If the directory C:\Database does not exist create is manually:
 +{{zen10-08.jpg}} \\
 +{{zen10-09.jpg}} \\
 +{{zen10-10.jpg}} \\
 +{{zen10-11.jpg}} \\
 +Enter your license codes, I only have configuration management:
 +{{zen10-12.jpg}} \\
 +{{zen10-13.jpg}} \\
 +{{zen10-14.jpg}} \\
 +{{zen10-15.jpg}} \\
 +{{zen10-16.jpg}} \\
 +Here, a browser starts so you can logon to the ZENworks Control Center:
 +{{zen10-17.jpg}} \\
 +And finally, you're inside the ZENworks Control Center to start working:
 +{{zen10-18.jpg}} \\
 +Also, on the MS SQL server the database is created:
 +{{zen10-19.jpg}} \\
 +{{zen10-20.jpg}} \\
 +{{tag>​zenworks install}}
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