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 += ZCM Add Admin =
 +During the installation of ZENworks Configuration Management a default administrator gets created, and this user has full administrative privileges in ZENworks. Because we have to keep track of who does what it is for a necessity to have the administrators log in using their personal credentials. To do so, follow these steps:
 +* Go into the ZENworks Control Center and click the '​Configuration'​ tab
 +* Locate the '​Administrators'​ panel, and click '​Add':​ \\
 +{{zen10addadmin01.jpg}} \\
 +* Select the 'Based on user(s) in a user source':​ \\
 +{{zen10addadmin02.jpg}} \\
 +* Select the administrators and click OK: \\
 +{{zen10addadmin03.jpg}} \\
 +* Select the 'Give this Administrator the same rights as I have' checkbox: \\
 +{{zen10addadmin04.jpg}} \\
 +* You now have added administrators in the '​Administrator'​ panel: \\
 +{{zen10addadmin05.jpg}} \\
 +{{tag>​zenworks}}  ​
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