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 += ZCM Application Migration =
 += Migration =
 +Before you can start migrating applications from your old ZENworks 7 environment to your new ZENworks 10 Configuration Management environment you first need the ZENworks migration tool. You can easily download it from https://​your-zenworks-server/​zenworks-setup:​ \\
 +{{zen10migration01.jpg}} \\
 +After downloading and installing which is a really simple click-and-go installation the ZENworks migration tool is added to your start menu: \\
 +{{zen10migration02.jpg}} \\
 +After starting the tool you should first of all log in to eDirectory TREE and the ZENworks ZONE. \\
 +eDirectory TREE: \\
 +{{zen10migration03.jpg}} \\
 +ZENworks ZONE: \\
 +{{zen10migration04.jpg}} \\
 +After login in the ZENworks Migration utility is ready to start migrating applications:​ \\
 +{{zen10migration05.jpg}} \\
 +You can browse into your TREE and select the applications you wish to migrate, by selecting them, and then right click so you can select the option 'Add to the migration queue':​ \\
 +{{zen10migration06.jpg}} \\
 +To start the actual migration click the '​Migratie Now' button: \\
 +{{zen10migration07.jpg}} \\
 +The migration will start to run, telling you how it goes: \\
 +{{zen10migration08.jpg}} \\
 +When the migration is done it will show you how things went, in this example everything went fine: \\
 +{{zen10migration09.jpg}} \\
 += Assignments =
 +When applications are migrated you have to make sure assignments are correct. This is an example on how to assign the migrated applications to all workstations. Go to the applications and select the items you want to assign. When done click on '​Actions'​ and select '​Assign to Device':​ \\
 +{{zen10migration10.jpg}} \\
 +Then select the Workstations group in the folder Devices and make sure the applications will show up in the '​Application Window':​ \\
 +{{zen10migration11.jpg}} \\
 +Just complete the wizard from this point, and keep all the defaults.
 += File Browsing =
 +If you want to be able to browse for files from the ZENworks Control Center you need to install a small plugin into your browser: \\
 +{{zen10migration12.jpg}} \\
 +After you click the link you'll get a small warning, click install: \\
 +{{zen10migration13.jpg}} \\
 +Now you can browse for files!
 += Post Migration =
 +My applications in ZENworks 7 were installed in Windows XP 32 bits, and the application from ZCM 10 are installed in Windows 7 64 bits. This meant that after the migration I had to fix a few minor issues:
 +# Remove or adjust OS requirements in the Windows Bundle
 +# Adjust file requirements like "​C:​\Program Files\"​ to "​C:​\Program Files (x86)\"​
 +# Adjust launch executables,​ also like "​C:​\Program Files\"​ to "​C:​\Program Files (x86)\" ​
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