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 += ZCM User Sources =
 +It's possible in ZENworks Configuration Management to assign bundles and policies to devices as well as to users. But before you can assign anything to users they first have to be imported. ZCM can establish a read-only connection to a LDAP user source. To create one to eDirectory follow these steps:
 +* Go into the ZENworks Control Center and click the '​Configuration'​ tab
 +* Locate the 'User Sources'​ panel, and click '​Add':​ \\
 +{{zen10usersources01.jpg}} \\
 +Follow the wizard: \\
 +{{zen10usersources02.jpg}} \\
 +{{zen10usersources03.jpg}} \\
 +Before you can do the next step you need to determine if you have a valid LDAP user available for the LDAP connection or you'll have to create one. Because I prefer to have a separate LDAP user per service (from administrative view) I created one and gave the LDAP user read permissions on the tree: \\
 +{{zen10usersources04.jpg}} \\
 +Provide the credentials from the LDAP user you just created: \\
 +{{zen10usersources05.jpg}} \\
 +{{zen10usersources06.jpg}} \\
 +Select the user containers in the LDAP source: \\
 +{{zen10usersources07.jpg}} \\
 +Add LDAP use containers like this: \\
 +{{zen10usersources08.jpg}} \\
 +{{zen10usersources09.jpg}} \\
 +In the configuration tab you now have an user source: \\
 +{{zen10usersources10.jpg}} \\
 +{{tag>​zenworks ldap}}
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