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 += ZENworks Application Restrictions =
 +This is a small tutorial on how to restrict ZENworks applications to show up everywhere. This is not a complete list, it's just some settings that I use, tried and tested.
 +== Only Show Up on Windows XP ==
 +Below settings make sure your application only shows up on a Windows XP box: \\
 +{{zenrestrictions-server.jpg}} \\
 +The Microsoft Windows version numbering is set as follows:
 +x.x.x.x (Major.Minor.Revision.Build)
 +Windows 2000 has 5.0.x.x
 +Windows XP has 5.1.x.x
 +Windows 2003 has 5.2.x.x
 +The ZENworks Operating System variable only checks the parts that are given. The four sections are all treated separately. See [[http://​​support/​php/​​cmd=displayKC&​docType=kc&​externalId=7000952&​sliceId=1&​docTypeID=DT_TID_1_1&​dialogID=78248801&​stateId=0%200%2078252492|this Novell TID]]. For more information see the [[http://​​wiki/​Microsoft_Windows|Wikipedia page to see more operating system versions]].
 +== Don't Show Up if You Don't Exist ==
 +Below settings make your application shortcut disappear if the application doesn'​t exist: \\
 +{{zenrestrictions-file.jpg}} ​ \\
 +Note that the "​Always show icon" check box is checked. This will show the icon, but in black and white. If you train your end users they'​ll know that the application is not installed, but is available.
 +== Don't Show Up on Terminal Servers ==
 +Below settings will prevent your application to show up on terminal and citrix servers: \\
 +{{zenrestrictions-terminalserver.jpg}} \\
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