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 += ZENworks eDirectory Licenses ​ =
 +== ZENworks 7 ==
 +> Novell eDirectory™ Software license. The quantity of licenses for the Novell eDirectory software included with Your lawfully
 +acquired licenses of the Novell ZENworks 7 Suite Software is equal to the greater of (1) the quantity of licenses You have lawfully
 +acquired for the Novell ZENworks 7 Suite Software, or (2) 250,000 Users per company/​entity. The foregoing Novell eDirectory
 +licenses are not upgradeable and are otherwise subject to the license agreement accompanying the Novell eDirectory software.
 +Which means, in plain English, that if you've acquired one ZENworks license you're also entitled to 250.000 eDirectory licenses. ​
 +{{zensuite_70_english.pdf}} ​
 +{{tag>​zenworks edirectory}} ​
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